Claire September 10th, 2020

I've been reflecting on things that I remember Colin, my very first editor as a newbie journalist in the late '90s, for, and here are some stand outs: - Making me type ridiculously fast, by hovering over my shoulder at deadline! I still bash things out at speed, in a way that always slightly freaks out colleagues who haven't had to work to deadline. - Sending me to a press conference announcing a new flying Bishop at Lambeth Palace with a (non digital) disposable camera, and asking me to come back with a printable photo. I failed miserably, being so mortified by having to ask the PA photographers with their proper lenses to excuse me as I crept up close to get a photo, that I put my finger over the lens when I pressed the button. - Graciously sending me down to Devon overnight to get a decent interview with a Christian surfer, a great reward for covering my first Lambeth Conference, since it involved being in the sea for work! - And, this summer, taking the time to reply to an email I sent letting him know I had launched a freelance career, and wishing me all the best. Colin, you will be much missed.